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Welcome to Fresh Beginnings Ministries!

FBM Stats:                          August 2016                                     YTD

Meal Assist                            1350                                              7030

Family Paks                              135                                               895

Piknik Paks                                80                                                510

Hygiene Paks                            40                                               380     

ReConnections                           1                                                   11

Housing Assist                            2                                                  29

Helping the Community find their Church by helping the Church reach out to their Community!

Welcome to our faith-based organization. Simply put, we are seeking to strengthen the family values that God has set for us in His Word.

  • We know God's grace is for everyone.
  • We are hope-focused in our Marriage Enrichment Education.
  • We have seen his power of forgiveness relived in the lives of people.
  • We are Inter-Denominational and believe God's grace is open to all people of every culture and creed, regardless of race or skin color.
  • We are a 501(c)(3) association.

Whether you are a couple looking to begin a life of marriage together or a couple who is married and looking for a refreshing new beginning to your marriage, “Fresh Beginnings” is for you! We are a Christian faith-based organization looking to help people grow closer together and grow closer to God.

​We are not a licensed therapy facility.

If you are seeking a hope-focused foundation for your relationship, call us.


  • Providing benevolence through food distribution and basic needs of life. We use this opportunity to get know people. For people who are struggling, we restore hope. 
  • Premarital Education
  • Hope-Focused Marriage Enrichment
  • Life Support Mentor Training
  • FB Golf - Fresh Beginnings Bowling Fellowship
  • Provide resources in Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley CA. for various Helping Profession Entities

To bring God's healing power to people who are experiencing the pressures of today's world in personal relationships and experiences of daily life.


What We Do

Our Mission