"The Network for Homeless Solutions is a collaborative effort among city staff, volunteers, community churches, and nonprofit and private organizations to address homelessness in Costa Mesa.

Fresh Beginnings and Mentorship Training Fresh Beginnings offers care and counseling services to both the homeless and at-risk for homelessness population. It also provides basic needs such as food, clothing, and access to local shelters, and education in job interview skills, basic computer skill training and life support training for volunteers."

**From The City of Costa Mesa website.



This "Network" of people includes CM City officials as well as Pastors from local churches, such as; CM Church of Christ, The Lighthouse Nazarene Church and organizations such as Trellis in Costa Mesa. FBM is honored to be a part of a group of people who have one goal: To find a way to address the issues that surround people experiencing homelessness. We may not have all of the answers, but it does not stop us from working to addressing the hard questions.

"The Network for Homeless Solutions, which evolved from the Homeless Task Force, addresses homelessness in Costa Mesa under the jurisdiction of the City Chief Executive Office.
Based on the findings of the Homeless Task Force, the City has undertaken a collaborative approach to service delivery, which has led to the development of a strategic framework of priorities tailored to Costa Mesa’s specific context. The Network for Homeless Solutions implements a range of strategies, including street outreach, prevention, rehabilitation, housing assistance, and volunteer coordination." 

From the City of Costa Mesa website.

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In 2014 we were asked to join a group of people in Costa Mesa trying to make a difference in the lives of people experiencing homelessness. This group of amazing people are called:

The Network for Homeless Solutions.

In 2015 our collaboration led to forming a fund to help with the Costa Mesa Homeless Initiative. What is needed is monetary assistance to purchase Hotel vouchers, some times bus tickets for re-connections with family or just local bus passes to get much needed medical help.

Trellis Costa Mesa

  Costa Mesa Church of Christ

Costa Mesa Homeless Initiative

If you would like to help with the Costa Mesa Homeless Initiative fund, please "click" the DONATE button. Make a note in the donation page that your donation is designated for CMHI; 

(Costa Mesa Homeless Initiative).