Fresh Beginnings Ministries would like to show gratitude and appreciation for the following Community Partnerships and Sponsors: 

  • Airway Packing and Shipping, Costa Mesa CA.
  • Fountain Bowl, Fountain Valley CA.
  • Schmidty's Garage, Huntington Beach CA.
  • Crate and Barrel, Costa Mesa CA.
  • Hurley Int'l, Costa Mesa CA.
  • Starbucks, Fountain Valley
  • Breezway Construction, Huntington Beach CA.
  • Monahan's Steakhouse, Costa Mesa CA. 
  • Pulcini Entertainment, Huntington Beach CA.
  • 234 FBM Association Members throughout Southern California.

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Community Partnerships

Fresh Beginnings Ministries is the common denominator of people helping people. Every month we support different church groups and benevolence organizations with food, clothing and basic needs of life. Each of the organizations that we support may not know each other, but each one knows of us. As we receive donations for food, clothing, prescriptions and other necessities, we share with the different organizations. 

​ In 2016 FBM assisted in feeding over 27,000 people as well as providing holiday dinners for 415 families and housing for 46 homeless families. Adopting 29 Veteran families for Thanksgiving and Christmas! 

​Regardless of church denomination or affiliation of the business or organization supplying the needs of   people; no matter the method of helping those who need some direction to help themselves, because of God’s grace and resources we will support and give assistance. This is our pledge.

The people who directly receive our food, and other services through our partner organizations may not know who we are; but our mission is to point people to their local churches and organizations who can help them.

This is why we are; “The Common Denominator of People Helping People.”